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We tell you all the secrets. At CN Sports Tourism Agency we organise, manage and plan all the details of your trip. From the moment you, your group of friends, a football coach or a company contacts us, our work begins.


Listen to you

We know that you have been thinking about travelling for some time, so we put ourselves in your hands. Our clients really appreciate that their proposals are valued and, for us, it allows us to obtain a guide to follow, in order to provide the best results.

Details such as how many people will be travelling, your level in your chosen sport and geographical preferences will give us clues when designing your trip. In addition, every detail is important and influences the planning: from the means of transport to the type of equipment you will need.


Offering you all possible options

We take care of transport arrangements, tournament registrations, we select the accommodation, the menu, the routes and places to visit. We give you all the information and the best tips related to your trip.


Designing and executing your adventure

This is where we get down to work and, depending on your choices, we start to make all the registrations, make the bookings and balance the days in the calendar. In this step everything is already in place so that all you have to do is pack your bags.


The evaluation

We want to know how you enjoyed your stay and how you were treated, so that we can continue to improve every day to offer you the best service. Without a doubt, your opinion helps us when it comes to executing any sporting getaway.


Discover all we have to offer and you will live the adventures you have always dreamed of. And remember “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”, as Lao Tzu said. Trust us and you will repeat.

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