Equipo del torneo de Petanca Semana Santa 2024

Resounding Success at the Santa Susanna Cup'24 March

An International Petanque Event

The Santa Susanna Cup’24 March culminated in a resounding success, attracting teams from all over Europe to compete in this prestigious pétanque tournament.

Held in the idyllic town of Santa Susanna, the event was characterised by its international spirit, with participants coming from all over the world. France, Spain, Bulgaria, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland and Bulgaria..

The Don Angel Hotel: Centre of Action

The accommodation at the Hotel Don Angel played a crucial role in the wellbeing of the players, offering a comfortable and cosy retreat between matches.

This iconic hotel not only provided a first-class stay for the competitors, but also became the venue for important moments of the tournament, including the opening and closing ceremonies.

Iron Competition and Friendship

In addition to the main tournament, the friendly matches offered participants the opportunity to enjoy the game and strengthen ties with fellow participants from other countries.

These encounters underlined the community and festive character of the event, where the love for pétanque united everyone beyond the competition.

An Unforeseen Conclusion

Although the rain presented an unexpected challenge, preventing the tournament from concluding as planned, the overall experience of the event was extraordinarily positive.

The adaptability and good humour of the organisers and participants made it possible to overcome the adverse weather conditions, demonstrating that sportsmanship goes beyond perfect conditions.

Results Santa Susanna Cup March 2024

Tournament A

6 – Favorite BouleFrance
34 – Mions PetanqueFrance
12 – Favorite BouleFrance
24 – Boule BortoiseFrance

Tournament B

28 – Boule BortoiseFrance
4 – Favorite BouleFrance
18 – Fant Costa DoradaSpain
5 – Favorite BouleFrance

Tournament C

30 – Boule BortoiseFrance
51 – Club de Bolos NazaretSpain
45 – Club el FayalSpain
11 – Favorite BouleFrance

This event was not only a demonstration of skill and strategy in the game, but also a testament to the power of community and the shared passion for pétanque.

Despite the rain, the Santa Susanna Cup'24 March will be remembered for the indomitable spirit of its participants and the warm welcome of the town and the Don Angel Hotel.

We look forward to the next edition, ready to welcome again the enthusiasts of this traditional sport.

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