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Padel travel is a concept that is actually trending in the travel sector, as padel amateurs and professionals are growing and looking for the best way of training while traveling. 

Today at CN Sports Tourism Agency we want to help you by giving you information about what you should expect from the perfect padel tour experience, more even if you are looking for a TOP-level coach, only for YOU. This should be a 360º perfect luxury experience (at least in the Gold tier pack).

So, these are the most needed services in a padel tour experience:

Access to great events in your padel tour


As an amateur or professional padel player, we are sure that you are also a sports fanatic, and you would like to see the best players in action. This is why a good padel travel service could include the option to attend official and top-level events, like the Word Padel Tour (WPT).

This is a great addition, but it is only the tip of the iceberg of everything that a good padel tour could offer you. You are surely looking forward to learning as much as possible during your trip, ¡so it’s time to grab that racket!

Training with the best coaches

Did you like the event? Even if your padel travel experience doesn’t have that, you should have a TOP-level player by your side, that would listen to your needs and give you the best advice to achieve all the potential that you carry inside.

To obtain the best results, we always recommend opting for the best players in the world. That is, training in the Gold tier experience with select Top 20 WPT players, that are the best from the best and know all the secrets almost no one knows.

This is something not everybody can offer you, so if you want the best training you should look at our padel experience in Barcelona.

Rest in a five-star hotel

After a hard day of training, you deserve the best rest. And what better than sleeping in a five-star hotel? In addition to a comfortable bed, you will also find many interesting additions, such as a spa service, gym, sauna, swimming pools…

Luxury transfer in your padel travel

Before even arriving at the destination, you also deserve the best experience.

We are sure that you do not want to get up early to travel uncomfortable and arrive even more tired at your padel tour, due to some random low-quality experience in the travel.

This is the reason why you should always seek services in which a luxury option is offered, in which all your needs will be attended with the best options, and after which you will arrive at the destination with more energy than ever.

Safety first

We cannot forget that we are talking about doing a sport like padel, which can intensify at some moments of the game and become relatively risky.

After all, when you play sports you are always subject to risk, and not having a comprehensive insurance would be irresponsible for the organizer. Therefore, look for events that always have a good insurance.

Look for extras in your padel tour

Since we are betting on the best experience, with luxury additions and all kinds of details, it is not uncommon to expect that the organizer includes some extras and surprises, which don’t have to be planned on paper.

It is the details that can make the difference in a padel tennis trip. We are talking about gifts and surprises that you do not expect, and that will always enrich your experience.

It could be a t-shirt, but also much more important gifts, such as a top-tier padel racket, a good wine in the hotel room, etc.

THIS is the perfect padel experience

jugador padel

Do you know why we know first-hand what would be the perfect additions for a good TOP-level padel experience? Because we offer precisely one of these services in our agency!

We meet all the requirements:

  • We can take you to special padel events, such as the WPT.
  • Not only that, but we have direct contact with Aurial Padel, a company through which we can hire the best TOP players in the WPT.
  • Our services include luxury stays and luxury trips.
  • Yes, we have insurance!
  • We always add gifts and surprises for our clients.

Do you want this and much more? You can explore all the options that we offer you right now in our page about the padel experience in Barcelona. There, you will be able to fill a form with the details of the experience you are looking for. We will gladly personalize that for you. 

Now you know: If you want the best padel travel experience, choose CN Sports Tourism Agency. We are experts in giving you the best possible experience!

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