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PUMA football shoes to fly on the pitch

PUMA has been an official partner of LaLiga for many years.

The official match ball for both LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 123 are from this brand.

Numerous professional clubs also wear the German brand's sportswear, such as Manchester City, Valencia, AC Milan and PSV Eindhoven.

The quality of many of its products is beyond question.and that's why today we propose some of the most important most surprising PUMA football shoes.

PUMA Future Z 3.2 MG, an excellent boot for beginners to football.

These shoes are made entirely from synthetic material, with lace-up fastenings and a medium width boot.

The Future Z 3.2 MGs feature a lightweight and flexible design, have a FUSIONZIT® compression band. which ensures a good support and a stud structure designed for better traction.

The sole is flexible and very light.

They are intended for use on mixed flooring and the exterior is textured to ensure a better feel in the contact areas.

At the same time, they are low-cut shoes offering good ball grip. The price ranges from 56 to 92 euros.

Great service. I had to change it because I got the wrong number and I had no problems. Everything was super fast and the product was very good?

PUMA Future 6.1 NETFIT, top of the range and exceptional quality

The PUMA Future 6.1 NETFIT shoes are also made from synthetic materials and feature a lace-up fastening.

They do not have a heel and the width of this model is normal. All the surface is made from a single piece of evoKNIT® yarn.. The low profile ankle brace is also made of evoKNIT yarn.

This model has a surface treatment with GripControl Pro technology and NETFIT custom fit systemhence the name.

The outsole combines conical and laminated studs for dry natural grass and state-of-the-art artificial turf pitches. They are boots designed for professional and high-end use.

The price is 171 euros for the most basic model. They are available in black, white and orange, or pink and black.

First of all, very happy with the delivery. It was ordered on Saturday evening and on Monday afternoon it was already there.

They fit perfectly. I gave it a lot of thought because it's the first pair of Puma football shoes my son has worn at the age of 11?

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PUMA King Platinum 21, everything you're looking for in a good shoe

A third PUMA model has similar features: made of synthetic material, lace-up fastening, medium width and no heel.

In this case, it is interesting to note that the price is cheaper than in the previous cases, because PUMA Platinum are on sale for 36 euros in their most basic version.. However, some models can be priced up to 317 euros.

The shoes are light and very agile, adapted to an increasingly fast-paced football environment. They are made of black leather in combination with the KINGForm technology for increased touch and responsiveness.

The upper features super-soft, high quality K-Leather for a ball-friendly feel. They are designed for use on natural grass and artificial turf.. The lugs are conical to favour the tread. The sole is super light. Finally, this model has a fabric tongue for a snug fit.
Correct fit, comfortable and good material?

PUMA Ultra 2.4 MG, versatility and grip to make you feel like a pro.

PUMA's previous models of football shoes are made from synthetic materials, but the PUMA Ultra 2.4 MG features a textile upper, lace-up fastening and a flat heel. The height of the shoe is medium.

These boots are designed for optimal use on artificial and natural grass. It shares with the Future the GripControl Pro membrane for good ball control.

They are shoes that they offer a very good grip and are very comfortable to wear. One of its virtues is its firmness and support even in the case of very fast movements, such as changes of pace or sprints.

The exterior is made from polyester yarn with PUMA's MATRIXPRO technology. They are mid-range boots that are on sale for between 72 and 130 euros.

PUMA Ultra 3.2 MG, unbeatable value for money

The latest shoes to be highlighted are the PUMA 3.2 MG.

They belong to the same range as the previous ones, but in this case the entire boot is made of synthetic material, except for the sole, which is made of rubber. They have a lace-up fastening, no heel and the width is suitable for men. The boots are available in white, yellow and blue.

Its use is especially recommended for players who are new to the sport. They are a good value for money option. to take them to one of our amateur football camps at CN Sports Tourism.

Valid for natural grass pitches, their structure is very comfortable. The synthetic, lightweight and stable outsole helps the foot strike and control the ball. The heel cup is also very comfortable. The price of the boots ranges from 79 to 109 euros.

These football shoes are durable and fit well on the feet.

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Footwear PUMA football shoes is a guarantee of using quality equipment for the practice of this sport, but the selection of one model or another will depend on personal tastes, the terrain where you usually play and the budget.

The important thing is to feel comfortable in the shoes and enjoy playing.

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