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Tournament registration

Tournament registration is a task that can take a lot of time and energy. As experts in the field, a travel agency specialising in grassroots football can handle the whole process for you.

From initial registration to organising accommodation and transport, we can make sure that everything is in place so that the club can concentrate on what is really important: football.

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Tours and Stages

Tours and stages are essential for the development of young players. Not only do they give them the opportunity to playing against local teams of different levels in SpainThey also provide them with a unique cultural experience that can be very valuable for their education.

Organising a tour or stage can be a complicated task, especially when it comes to planning accommodation, transport and off-field activities. At CN Sports Tourism we take care of everything, from organising accommodation and transport to the planning of cultural and sporting activities that complement the sporting experience.

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Accommodation and transport

We take care of finding the most suitable accommodation safe, comfortable and well connectedaccording to the needs and budget of the club. We know that good rest and good nutrition are essential for sporting performance, so we make sure that the hotels have the necessary amenities for players to rest and recover properly.

On the other hand, we also offer a service of specialised transport for sports equipmentThis can be a difficult task for clubs, especially when dealing with large groups of players. We manage the entire transport process, from arrival at the airport to travel to training and competition venues.

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Additional services

In addition to the services mentioned above, our agency can offer additional services that can enhance the players' experience and the success of the club.

To assist players and club staff in communicating with non-Spanish speakers during the trip, we can provide translation services to make communication more fluid and effective.

In addition, we can organise special events to enhance the sports travel experience. For example, we can plan team dinners in local restaurants or cultural activities so that players can learn about the culture and history of the places they visit.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona


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