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Soccer Tours to Spain

At CN Sports Tourism, you won't find your typical tour operator. We create tailor-made experiences for clubs and football teams that will forever linger in the memories of players and their families. Our goal is to create experiences that blend the real-life of footballers in Spain with an unforgettable journey.

football team visiting the camp nou on a football tour

Elite Football Tour

Focused on teams aiming to maximize their sporting performance during their soccer tour to Spain. The primary focus is the team's development through playing as many matches and tournaments as possible against local teams of the right level to provide the best possible challenge.

Holiday Football Tour

Combines Spain's rich cultural offerings with a sports experience for teams who view the sport from a more relaxed perspective. It's the perfect mix for clubs looking for a balance between football and enjoying a family vacation during their Spain soccer trip.

football team visiting the camp nou on a football tour

Elite Tour vs. Holiday Tour

Explore our unique soccer trips to Spain

Explore our gallery and dive into the heart of our football tours in Spain. Each image is a window to the exciting experiences we offer, from on-field action to Spain's cultural charm.

Sporting experiences


  • Accommodation
  • Transport Services
  • 24/7 Group Guide
  • Insurance

Cultural Immersion

  • City tours
  • Official football shops
  • Gastronomic experiences
  • Art and history

Customize your spain soccer trip with iconic destinations

We focus on offering Spain's most iconic cities, Barcelona and Madrid, known for their first-class football culture and rich football heritage. While these cities are our main destinations, we offer the flexibility to customize trips to other vibrant football cities in Spain like Valencia, Málaga, Sevilla, or San Sebastián, among many others, each with its unique mix of football culture and local charm.

What are our tours like?

Morning: Start of the tour - Check-in at the hotel in Barcelona
Afternoon: Introductory meetings

Morning: Team activation activity, jet lag management
Afternoon + Evening: Planned activities: Attending the LaLiga match (if available) / Watching football together / Team preparation / Leisure and recuperation

Morning: Visit to the city of Barcelona
Afternoon: Competition in Barcelona

Morning: Visita al estadio y museo del FC Barcelona
Afternoon: Competition in Barcelona

Morning: Travel to Madrid by train
Afternoon: Visit to the city of Madrid

Morning: Visit to the Real Madrid CF Stadium and Museum
Afternoon: Competición en Madrid

Morning + Afternoon: Tournament in Madrid

  • Full accommodation
  • Full board or half board
  • Accident and travel insurance
  • All sports plans and activities
  • Club museums and stadium visits
  • Cultural activities
  • Operational costs
  • Transport throughout the tour
  • 24/7 group guide
  • Round-trip flight tickets
  • Tickets for LaLiga or Champions League matches
  • Laundry services
  • Attractions and museum tickets
  • Amusement parks

Maximise your team's potential

Our soccer tours to Spain are the most direct way to immerse your team in the exciting world of Spanish football, offering matches, tournaments, and unforgettable moments. Contact us now to discover how we can design the perfect experience for your team.

FAQ – What questions do you need to resolve?

To give your team an unforgettable experience and improve their performance in a short time. Our tours are designed to meet your team's specific objectives and needs, providing a flexible and personalized itinerary.

The key is to choose a soccer tour to Spain that promises not just matches, but has deeply analyzed your team's needs and goals. We ensure you enjoy the experience while taking care of other areas of your team with total peace of mind.

We have extensive experience organizing soccer trips to Spain. We stand out for our proactivity and transparency. We constantly update and improve our offerings to ensure that your team has the best possible experience.

This depends on various factors: the tour's objective, duration, training intensity, among others. However, many teams notice an improvement in cohesion and performance shortly after the tour.

There is no set number of days, but we do recommend a minimum duration to ensure a complete and beneficial experience. Moreover, a longer tour allows for more learning and a greater impact on the team. In any case, we will advise you on the duration that best suits your goals.

Want to take your team to the next level in Spain?