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If you love travelling, we are also passionate about tourism, sport and adventure! That’s why we have created CN Sports Tourism, a sports tourism agency, to help you manage all the details of your getaways.

If you are thinking of cycling around Spain, enjoying a padel or luxury golf experiences, attending a football tournament, playing petanque, enjoying a hiking trip or conquering a snowy mountain while skiing or snowboarding, you are in the right place.

We have designed the best routes for you, looked for the best places and chosen the most suitable accommodation for each trip. In this way, we also offer you the possibility of creating tailor-made sports trips, totally personalised thanks to our comprehensive methodology.

Youth soccer tournaments, training camps and soccer tours


Experience football at first hand. Our agency makes it easy for you to take part in youth soccer tournaments. We work with large, medium and small groups.

We organise football training camps for teams, federations and small groups. It is the ideal way to raise the level of a team, strengthen the bonds of friendship and consolidate values such as respect and sportsmanship.

You can also book soccer tours in spain in key places such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, San Sebastian or Mallorca. We have selected the best routes so that you can visit the most legendary football stadiums in Spain, such as Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabéu.

Golf breaks with all the luxury details

campo de golf

If golf is your thing and you want to organize a company or business trip, you are in the right place. With CN Sports Tourism Agency you will make the difference. You will enjoy luxury, comfort and class at the best golf course in Spain: the PGA Catalunya Resort.

Our experts will advise you on how to organize your experience and manage all the details. We take care of booking flights, provide you with luxury vehicles, offer you dream activities and organize your stay with the highest professionalism in the market.

Padel in its purest form in Barcelona


We know that padel is a sport on the rise, and that’s why we’ve prepared the best padel experiences in Barcelona for you. Well, for you, your club or group, your partner and your friends. We work with top hotels, we take care of all the transport, reservations and every last detail of your stay.

In addition, we provide you with professional coaches with whom you will improve your technique and tactics. During your getaway you will be able to visit wineries, museums and dream beaches. An experience worth savouring to the end.

The best group trekking trips


We design tailor-made hiking trips in Andorra and the Catalan Pyrenees. We work with groups of different physical levels. In your adventure we provide you with transportation, accommodation and we make sure that all the details are ready on the day of your departure.

Both destinations, Andorra and the Catalan Pyrenees, stand out for their incomparable beauty. In addition, the most professional will delight in the best peaks, only suitable for experts.

In CN Sport Tourism Agency we offer you the best accredited guides. We organize the groups according to their level and experience and, also, we offer you personalized tourist routes so that you can enjoy all the details of the place.


Adrenaline on two wheels, get to know the best cycling routes

grupo de ciclistas

We help you challenge your limits by putting you to the test with the best cycling routes in Spain. We design your trip for you and your group, taking into account all the details.

We choose the best circuits, manage the transportation and offer you the accommodations that fit your needs.

If you want to make the most of your vacation while discovering mountains, roads, valleys or lakes, this is your safe option. We assure you the best personalized cyclotourism package in the market. You just have to let yourself go.

You will participate in the best Petanque and Bowls open in Spain.

partida de petanca

We introduce you to another sport that you can practice with us. We are organisers of sports tourism packages with players from different countries and we offer several Petanque and Bowls tournaments throughout the year.

With our Petanque and Bowls Open you will test your skills while practising, travelling and making new friends. We organise and manage your trip and that of your group or federation so that you and yours don’t have to worry about anything.

The 4 steps to book your experience

  • Contact us through our contact form or by sending an email to agency@cnsportstourism.com.
  • You will receive a no obligation quote from our specialists.
  • Once the estimate is finalized, a payment schedule will be provided so that no one is left without being able to participate.
  • Finalize details with our specialists to make the tour unforgettable.

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