Cycling camp

Cycling Campus: What is it and its benefits?

Today at CN Sports Tourism Agency we would like to dedicate an article to the experience of the CYCLING CAMPUSperfect for those who want to get the best out of themselves on the bike while getting to know new places.

What is a cycling campus?

A cycling camp, often referred to as cycling training camps, cycling tours or cycling camps, is a service or event organised by an agency that designs a trip for you or your group of cyclists to test yourselves and allow you to discover, for example, the best cycling routes in Spain.

How long do cycling training camps last?

Cycling training camps have a duration of 4 to 7 daysIf a good organiser is chosen, it can be a great experience, with all the advantages.

Benefits of cycling training camps

There are several reasons why this is the perfect event for cyclists:

As a professional

You will have a few days totally focused on your passion, perhaps for a weekend or a whole week. Full-time training is very well received by passionate cyclists and professionals alike. And there are also many extras included that will make the experience even better than expected, let's see?

No more worries

We will guide you through the routes and activities, which will be customised to your taste and needs. You won't have to look for the best routes, hotels or complementary activities, it's all included in the experience!

In good hands

After you get off the bike, you will need to do other activities that will help you to replenish to give your best the next day. In the end you will need to rest, and at that time you will not be alone either.

Our cycling campuses include breakfast, dinner, as well as snacks such as food y complements. In addition, the possibility of rest at night in a good quality hotel. This will make your experience even more complete, and allow you to pedal with all your might.

We also want to protect you, and in addition to having a coach looking after you all day long, we also include a accident insurance.

The perfect way of sightseeing for cyclists

A cycling campus is for experienced or veteran cyclists who want to train their cycling skills in new ways, and want something new. It is the perfect opportunity to visit routes and iconic places around the world while exercising.

Don't worry about the slowest members of the group.

It doesn't matter what level of speed or training you have because we can adapt and split the group. You will never feel overwhelmed by the challenge: it is in our best interest that you enjoy this event.


After a long day of cycling through the most beautiful scenery at the Girona cycling campus, you'll appreciate some stretching and yoga sessions.

We speak your language

If you're thinking of travelling to Spain for cycling, the language will not be a worry with us, we will take care of you very well, and we will adapt to your needs. We have several qualified and experienced cycling guides. multilingual.

Anything else?

If you have any special needs or would like some extra on your route, ask us without hesitation. No matter what you want, we will adapt to make sure you are satisfied with the experience.

We have offered other optional services in the past:

  • Bicycle and equipment rental
  • Complementary activities
  • Extra nights at the hotel
  • Organisation of flights or train tickets
  • Other special requests

Cycling training camp in Girona

City of Girona

We offer numerous road cycling routes, tours and events in Spain because we have some of the best road cycling routes, tours and events in Spain. landscapes, beaches y gastronomy you could dream of while exercising on your bike. No matter what time of year you choose to come, there will always be a good cycling camp waiting for you!

On this occasion, we want to offer you one of our best options: The cycling campus in Girona. Here we explain why you should choose this experience:

  • Girona is very close to Barcelona (where there are many flight options).
  • The scenery is spectacular
  • You can complement your stay in Girona with a visit to the fantastic beaches of the Costa Brava.
  • The temperature is very stable all year round, making it a very comfortable cycling course and ideal for both beginners and experienced cyclists.
  • In our experience, we include all the benefits of a good cycling camp experience mentioned in this article, plus we offer a lot of customisation and extras.

In this camp of 5 days and 3 stages we have prepared different routes that will allow you to get an idea of the area around Girona, passing through the most typical roads, towns and villages of the region:

  • Girona
  • Banyoles
  • Besalú
  • Olot
  • Rupit
  • Folgueroles
  • Anglès
  • L'Escala
  • Roses
  • Port de la Selva
  • Sta. Coloma de Farners
  • Sils
  • Sant Celoni
  • Santa Fé reservoir
  • Viladrau
  • Arbúcies
  • Sant Hilari Sacalm

What do you think of all the things that a CYCLING CAMPUS? At CN Sports Tourism Agency we are waiting for you, just send us a message through the contact form of the service! Don't delay in booking your experience because we will soon run out of places.