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¿Cuáles son las mejores bolas de petanca para el tiro?

In CN Sports Tourism Agency's first article on pétanque we would like to start with a very frequent doubt among pétanque fans: what is the best pétanque ball for the shooter?

Generally, the best marksmen recommend the use of softballs, or, failing that, the damped +but they have their reasons! Today we will focus on that to help you choose the best one for every occasion.  

The different hardnesses of pétanque balls

In the world of pétanque we can find various types of balls, and when it comes to throwing it, it is important to bear in mind that the hardness influences the response of the ball when hitting the ground. In fact, the behaviour of one ball and another can be radically different. Here are a few examples taken from the official website of the famous pétanque ball manufacturer Obut:

Cushioned balls

This is the ideal and most efficient hardness for any expert shooter who wants maximum precision in a game of pétanque. 

They are cushioned thanks to being composed of a series of high internal strength steels and a hardening process that is unique in the world. In this way, they reduce internal bounce, absorbing impacts on the hardest terrain and minimising any deflection. This also reduces ball travel, but it's always worth it for hitting the ball right on target!

The stability of these balls makes them an ideal choice for experienced players with expert marksmanshipThey do not want to depend so much on other factors such as bouncing or sliding on the ground. 

Some balls that integrate this technology into their design would be the Obut Match Plusmade of high quality, grooved stainless steel. 

cushioned balls pétanque


Following the philosophy of the cushioned + balls, soft balls also reduce the bounce on hard ground and the backspin that can occur in a square. It is another of the best options for experienced shooters. 

In addition, high quality balls with low hardness also have little marking on the ball surface. One of the most recommended balls is always the Obut ATXThe new, effective, but also very elegant and well-balanced. 

soft balls pétanque

Semi soft balls

Do you prefer a more versatile pétanque ball that allows you to train on any terrain? The semi-soft hardness is perfect for this. With them you can play very well off the hard ground and also in the provencal game. 

The Obut Match it that Obut sells you, in fact, they are perfect thanks to their versatility and they adapt well to all types of players and styles of play.

semi-soft pétanque balls

As you can see, although you can take into account many other factors, such as your style, the type of terrain or training, the hardness is what most influences the quality you will get with the shot. 

The pétanque ball brand Obut is the best on the market to guarantee you a clean shooting experience with no unexpected surprises, especially when you want to aim for the highest level of competition. 

Of course, you can buy other balls in the lower range, but you will never get as competitive a result as with this quality. If, after choosing your pétanque ball ideal for throwing you decide to put it into practice in a competition, you can count on our experiences of petanque and bocce tournaments in the Santa Susanna Cup, which this year is celebrated in 3 editions!

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