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5 steps to organise a football tournament

Organise a football tournament can be a fun experience and an opportunity to raise some money, strengthen the relationships between your players and also gain some visibility to create new and fruitful relationships with brands and sponsors. That's why today we want to help you prepare for this exciting event, with our top tips and alternatives.

First of all, remember that if you are planning to travel, regardless of the age of your team, we can help you to organise your football tournament in SpainThe city is the birthplace of some of the best football teams in the world.

But planning a tournament is a lot of work if you want to organise it on your own. Let's see what you have to do:

1. Plan your budget

Budget planning

The budget is the first thing to consider, as you will want to make some money from this event. Of course, you need to research the online and offline options.

You can request quotes from various organisations, depending on your needs. You should also make a spending planThe cost of the event, conveniently written down and calculated in a spreadsheet, showing each of the factors of the event and how much it will cost.

Some examples of costs you should estimateat least if you want to have the best experience, before you start:

  • Staff transport
  • Food
  • Rental of facilities
  • Trophies
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Additional costs and resources you may need

Of course, all these costs will largely depend on the type of tournament you are planning to hold. You decide the age group and how big or small you want to make it. formal it should be.

Once you have an estimate of the costs, you will know how much to pay. But don't worry too much about the budget at this stage, we will find a way to compensate and maybe make it profitable. Now it's time to make the first important decision for this event.

2. Specify a place and date

Specify a place and a date

You need to find the best place to hold a football tournament. We know of some good places in Spain, but you must specify where y when. After that, you will have to organise everything around the place and time.

So contact the facilities that cover what you are looking for. Be sure to check that the facility is

  • You can visit available on the desired date
  • It has seats
  • It has everything you'll need. Check what additional costs may be involved, such as whether they have toilets, or you will have to rent portable toilets for at least US$150.
  • Let it be insuranceand how much it will cost to insure the field

After this, you will already know where the tournament will be, but you will also need to set a date for the event, and make it your goal. Be realistic and give yourself at least a few months in advance.

As mentioned above, you should also find out about the costs of everything surrounding the venue and the date. For example:

  • Where will staff and equipment eat?
  • How far away are the tour facilities, and what is the cost associated with travel?
  • Where will everyone rest before or after the event?

3. Search for staff

look for hire staff

You will not be able to organise the event and do it alone. You will have to hire some members of staff to carry it out.

We recommend that you first try to find volunteers to help you with the tasks involved. That will greatly reduce costs. If you are going to do that, we recommend that you look for parent volunteers mandatory for each team, as a requirement to participate in a youth football tour, for example.

You could also ask for local staff rates for this event, so that you are fully covered if you end up not having enough volunteers (which is likely). Make sure you have people who can perform the following functions

  • Security
  • Referees
  • Cleaning
  • Sales stall
  • Operators
  • Help during game transitions

After you know all the details of the estimated costs for the event, where and how, you should take the next step, at least if you want it to be profitable for you: Seek sponsors.

4. Monetise the tournament


You will now have in mind the total costs of the whole event but, How are you going to pay for all these costs? This is important, as you want to make a investmentWe hope you will not lose money when you organise this tournament, which we assure you will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Many brands will want to sponsor your event and offset some costs. There are some organisations that will even share the costs with you, so it is useful to anticipate how much money is involved in the event first.

You may end up with some brand advertisements here and there or co-organising the event with someone else, but it may be enough to cover most of it.

Of course, you can also sell some merchandising y tickets. This will be a good way to finish covering the whole event.

If you have no luck in finding sponsors, it may help to first reach out to some football clubs and ask them for more information. The work in network is always the best way to find the best contacts, in any field.

5. Go public and organise it

advertise soccer tournament

Now that the most important details have been determined, you could begin to advertise your event in the local newspaperwhile at the same time looking for volunteers and sponsors. On the marketing side, there is a whole world of tasks to do and people to reach, so you could even delegate it to someone specialised and professional.

As mentioned above, make sure you contact the football teams in your category directly and convince them to have fun at your tournament. Whether online or offline, make sure they get all the tournament information they need.

Depending on how big you want your tournament to be, you will need a certain number of teams. Of course, don't expect everyone to be available on the day, so make sure you have more than enough options. Be well covered in all aspects.

If you want the best coverage, we can also help you to organise a football tour in Spain. These are some examples of what we can do, but our services are customised:

After everyone is well informed, you will need to coordinate your team to make sure that everything is going well. You can meet with them and decide what the next steps are. It will depend on the situation. You may need to keep pushing with online marketing and pitching to get more sponsors, or post the details of the tournament at the venue to start creating some public interest (and more entries).

Review your sponsorship agreements and make sure that everything will be paid for or even be cost-effectiveWe are sure it will be a great experience!

After knowing exactly how to organise a football tournamentYou can do it by yourself, but as you have seen it can be a long term project and a bit difficult at the beginning. If you want to do it in the best possible way, you can do your first tour with us, in Spain ! CN Sports Tourism Agency we will take care of everything for you and your team to have the best experience in our country!

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