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Organizing a soccer tournament can be a fun experience and an opportunity to raise some money, strengthen the relationships between your soccer players, and also gain some visibility to create new and fruitful relationships with brands and sponsors. This is why we want today to help you prepare this exciting event, with our best advice and alternatives.

Before anything, remember that if you are planning to travel, independently of your team age, we could help you organize your soccer tournament in Spain, just where have born some of the best soccer teams in the world.

That said, planning a tournament is a lot of work if you want to organize it on your own. Let’s see what you need to do:

1. Plan your budget

Planificar presupuesto

The budget is the first thing you should take in account, since you will want to make some cash with this event. Of course, you have to research the options that are online and offline.

You may ask several organizations for budgets, depending on your needs. Likewise, you should also make an expense plan, conveniently noted and calculated on a spreadsheet, where there is shown every single factor of the event and how much it will cost.

A few examples of costs you should estimate, at least if you want the best experience, before starting:

  • Transport of the staff
  • Food
  • Renting facilities
  • Trophies
  • Hiring staff
  • Extra costs and resources you may need

Of course, all those costs will depend a lot on the type of tournament you are planning to do. You decide the age group and how big or formal it should be.

Once you got an estimate of your costs, you know how much it is expected to pay. But don’t bother too much about budget by now, we will find ways to offset it and maybe make it profitable. Right now, it’s time to make the first important decision towards this event.

2. Specify a place and a date

Specify a place and a date

You should find which is the best place to make a soccer tournament. We know a few good places in Spain, but you should specify just where and when. After that, you’ll have to organize everything surrounding the place and time.

So, contact the facilities that cover what you are looking for. Be sure to check the facility is:

  • Available on the desired date
  • Has seating
  • Has everything you will need. Look for what extra-costs may be implied, like if they have bathrooms, or you will have to rent porta potties at least for $150.
  • Secure, and how much will it cost to insurance the field

After that, you will know where the tournament will be, but you must also determine a date for the event, and make it your objective. Be realistic and give yourself at least a few months of time ahead.

As we said, you should also seek knowledge about the costs of everything surrounding the place and date. For example:

  • Where will staff and teams eat?
  • How far is the tour facility, and which is the cost related with travelling?
  • Where will everyone rest before or after the event?

3. Look for personnel

look for hire staff

You won’t be able to organize the event and do it alone. You will have to recruit some staff members to make it happen.

We recommend to first try to find volunteers that would help you with any tasks that are implied. That will lessen the costs by a lot. If you are going to do that, we recommend to look for mandatory parent volunteers of each team, as a prerequisite for participating in a youth soccer tour, for example.

You could also ask for rates on local personnel for this event, to be fully covered if you end up with insufficient volunteers (which is likely). Be sure to have people which will make the following roles:

  • Security
  • Referees
  • Cleaning
  • Concession stand
  • Operators
  • Help during game transitions

After knowing all the details of estimated costs for the event, where and how, you should do the next step, at least if you want to make it profitable for you: Looking for sponsors.

4. Monetize the tournament


Now you will have in mind the total costs of the whole event but, ¿how will you pay all those costs? This is important, since you want to make an investment, not to lose money when you are organizing this tournament, which we assure will be great fun for everyone.

Countless brands will like to sponsor themselves in your event and offset some costs. There are some organizations that will even share the costs with you, so this is why it’s useful to first forecast how much money is implied on the event.

You may end with some brand ads there and here or co-organizing the event with someone else, but it may be enough to cover the big part.

Of course, you can also sell some merchandising and tickets. This will be a good way to end covering the full event.

If you don’t have any luck finding sponsors by now, it may help you to reach first a few soccer clubs and ask them for more information in this regard. Networking is always the best way to find the best contacts, in any field.

5. Make it public and organize it


advertise soccer tournament

Now that the most important details are determined, you could start to advertise your event in the local newspaper, while also seeking volunteers and sponsorship. In the marketing side, there’s a full world of tasks to do and people to reach, so you could even delegate it to someone specialized and professional.

As we said, make sure to contact directly with soccer teams of your category and convince them to get some fun in your tournament. Being it online or offline, be sure that they get all the tournament information they need.

Depending on how big you want your tournament to be, you will need a certain number of teams. Of course, don’t expect everyone to be available that day, so be sure to have more than enough options. Be well covered in all aspects.

If you want the best coverage, we can help you to organize also a soccer tour in Spain. Here are a few examples of what we can do, but our services are personalized :

After everyone is well-informed, you will have to coordinate your team to make sure everything is going well. You can meet with them and decide which steps are next. It will depend on the situation. Maybe you will have to keep pushing hard with marketing online and pitching to get more sponsors, or publish the tournament details on the destination place to start creating some public interest (and more entrance tickets).

Revise your sponsorship deals and be sure everything will be paid or even profitable, ¡we are certain this will be a great experience!

After you know exactly how to organize a soccer tournament, you can now do it by yourself, but as you have seen it can be a long-term project and a bit difficult at first. If you want to make it happen in the best way possible, you could do your first tour with us, in Spain ¡We in CN Sports Tourism Agency will take care of everything to make sure you and your team get the best experience in our country!

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