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Do you know how to get a good golf swing? If the answer is no, we have prepared for you a complete article with all the details you need to know! 

After these tips, we will also give you the opportunity to put your new skills into practice in our golf breaks in Barcelona and other parts of the world.

We have asked the most expert golfers of this elegant sport, and to summarize it these are the three best tips that we have collected, accompanied by the best tutorials on the internet, with some extra info and external sources, just if you want to know more:

1. Perfect grip

The club is your working tool in golf, your only way to make the ball move, and therefore your control over it must be PERFECT.

To achieve a good swing, the first thing you need is to learn to hold the club properly, to always achieve the results you expect in your game.

The default grip position for a driver to make the best golf swing (the most recommended for starters) is: 

  • Hold the club waist-high next to you, horizontal to the ground. Square the club face. 
  • Grab the club with your left hand and stretch out your fingers. Align the club handle with the left palm, so it makes a diagonal line across your fingers. 
  • Close your hand around the club. Make sure the heel of  your left hand rests along the top edge of the handle. 
  • Rotate your hand to the right, until you can see two knuckles. This is a neutral grip, where from you can start working in your own play-style. 
  • Grab the club with your right hand, so it positions your right-hand heel in top of your left-hand thumb, covering it. Your thumb and forefinger should form a V when you close your right hand, pointing to the middle of your sternum. 

    If you want further details, here are some more awesome tips from the coach Martin Hall, at Golf Channel:

    2. Natural position

    In golf, it is not only important how you handle the club, but also how the rest of the body behaves.

    To get the best results, your body has to accompany the swing, and to do it well you must consider both the posture and the movement.

    So, first, you should be sure to be in a natural ready position. This is how to achieve it: 

    • Slightly flexed knees, never straight.
    • Align your legs with your shoulder width.
    • Line up your upper spine, knees and the balls of your feet.
    • Never bend your waist, use your hips instead. 
    • If you want to bend, you should always do it resting more weight in your dominant foot, in order to improve your trail side. 

    Following these tips will give you the most power and control over your force and muscles, so your drive will be almost perfect. Here is a complementary video with Todd Kolb, a Golf Top Instructor from US Golf TV that will demonstrate you how to get the perfect stance:

    Guide to a Proper Golf Stance (Golf Setup Position)

    To finish with the related topic of natural movement, remember that you should always maintain a more or less natural posture during the swing. It is actually easier than it seems, especially if you do it by following the movements that the instructor demonstrates in the following video:

    3. Control the club face

    In this sport, you don’t need to hit harder than others, but you should control your ball better than anyone in order to win. Therefore, the important thing here is that you can know how your shot is going to turn out.

    To achieve this, the best thing you can do is also work on your club face. The club face is a highly underrated factor that greatly affects both the direction and the curve the ball will catch as it travels across the field.

    To control the club face and keep it square, you should monitor the orientation of your left hand, which will be the one deciding where that part faces to. To practice, you can do as indicated in the following video and even put on some kind of indicator, which will help you always know where the club face is oriented while practicing.

    How can I improve my golf swing? 

    If you want to dominate everything discussed here today, you will need some practice with your golf swing. First, we recommend you to do some exercises, like the ones that the coach Danny Maude: 

    If you want to learn a lot more about golf swing, look at Golf Distillery, where they have some of the best swing tips we’ve found. 

    Furthermore, to complement everything learned here, you can experience a full first-time class. You may like this complete golf lesson by Clay Ballard:

    After or even while you practice all of these tips, you could take the opportunity to disconnect and do it while traveling to the best Golf courses in the world, such as the ones we offer you right now at the PGA Catalunya Golf Stadium Course, in Barcelona, and shortly in other places such as Dubai.

    Whether you are a company or a group of amateurs, we will gladly assist you and personalize your experience in detail. Ask us without obligation. Now that you know  how to get a good golf swing, the next golf courses will be a lot funnier!

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